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Angela Heindl-Schober ist EMEA Director Field & Channel Marketing bei Vectra Networks. Seit 19 Jahren arbeitet sie mit großer Leidenschaft im IT- und technikfokussierten Marketing von US IT-Unternehmen. In führenden Positionen wie beispielsweise bei Riverbed, Infor und Invensys Software Systems entwickelte und implementierte Angela Heindl-Schober erfolgreich Marketingstrategien und -kampagnen im EMEA-Raum. Sie verantwortete darüber hinaus das Tele-, Event- und Digital-Marketing und war maßgeblich an der Markenpositionierung der Unternehmen beteiligt.
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Insider Threats: Spotting “the Inside Job“

Posted by Angela Heindl-Schober on Dec 14, 2015 11:38:29 AM

Incidents of fraud, theft and abuse enacted by rogue insiders present organisations with the ultimate in targeted threats. These are executed against them from highly motivated actors, operating with a high degree of internal organisational knowledge and comparative ease of access. Such threats have the ability to create sizable risks in relation to digital assets and are also the most challenging to manage.

Security leaders have to understand their organisation’s context and operations in order to strike a balance between protection, control and creating value.

Users tied up in complex and over-controlling systems are unable to perform. Too light a touch sees key assets and resources too easy to misuse, alter or steal. Blending layers of organisational, physical and technical policy and management can provide a meaningful way of reducing internal cyber attacks, but no solution can be perfect. Organisations must also enable themselves to identify and recognise illegitimate internal actions and make timely interventions.

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Topics: Insider Threats, machine learning

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