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Kevin Sheu leads product marketing at Vectra®. He brings 15 years of product marketing and management consulting experience, where he has demonstrated a passion for product innovations and how they are adopted by customers. He previously led growth initiatives at Okta, FireEye and Barracuda Networks. And his perspectives are grounded in foundational work as a strategy and technology consultant; where he worked with G200 companies, private equity firms and government clients.
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Why network metadata is just right for your data lake

Posted by Kevin Sheu on Apr 19, 2019 5:16:59 PM

We often receive questions about our decision to anchor network visibility to network metadata as well as how we choose and design the algorithmic models to further enrich it for data lakes and even SIEMs.

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Topics: cybersecurity

Lurking in the shadows: Top 5 lateral spread threat behaviors

Posted by Kevin Sheu on Apr 1, 2019 2:30:00 PM

As the threat landscape evolves, the Vectra team sees budgets used to double down on larger security teams and expand perimeter defenses. It stems from an effort to increase threat detections and accelerate triage.

Unfortunately, this is a false premise.

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Topics: cyberattackers

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