Insider Threats - how they affect US companies

Posted by Oliver Brdiczka, Principal Data Scientist, Vectra Networks on Nov 22, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Oliver_B_Blog_Image_Week_3In the second post of this series, we looked at basic definitions of insider threat incidents and their impact on organizations. Now, let’s have a closer look at how malicious insider threat actions affect companies in the United States, and how companies can respond to these threats.

From the most recent consolidated data available on this subject, over 50% of organizations report having encountered an insider cyberattack in 2012, with insider threat cases making up roughly 23% of all cybercrime incidents. This percentage has stayed consistent over the prior couple of years, but the total number of attacks has increased significantly.

The result is $2.9 trillion in employee fraud losses globally per year, with $40 billion in losses due to employee theft and fraud in the US in 2012 alone. The damage and negative impact caused by insider threat incidents is reported to be higher than that of outsider or other cybercrime incidents.

Interestingly, in contrast to outsider attacks on networks, insider cyberattacks are under-reported. Only a few cases make it into public media or are even known to insider threat experts. Reasons for such under-reporting areinsufficient damage or evidence to warrant prosecution, and concerns about negative publicity. The risk of revealing confidential data and business processes during investigations may be another reason why many companies don’t report and prosecute insider threat incidents.

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Reducing the Cyber Security Risk for BYOD – Can you have your gadgets and use them too?

Posted by Tom Canty, Vectra Marketing on Aug 1, 2014 11:00:00 AM

A few things ring true of today's working world. First is that no one in the year 2014 should have to work in a cubicle. Defenders will say "it's been this way for years," or "you'd be surprised by how common it is." That doesn't make working in a small felted cubby any less ridiculous. In the brief time I occupied one it was best used for sleeping on the job, and I've discovered that's a terrifying idea when sitting in a room full of your peers.

The second is that personal devices should be encouraged and ubiquitous fixtures of the workplace. One simple reason is that employer-provided technology is often clunky, out-of-date, or unsightly, so using personal devices can mean using better devices.
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I'll Have Two BYOD and One Mobile, Hold the Malware Threats Please

Posted by Mike Banic, VP of Marketing on Apr 29, 2014 8:00:00 AM

While meeting with a customer last week, we looked through the detections report to see if some of the new algorithms we released had produced detections. I noticed the lines for all categories of detections dropped precipitously and then increased nearly as rapidly two days later. Nearly as fast as I pointed my finger at the screen, he said, "Yeah, that's the weekend."

It took 3 seconds for us both to say, "Laptops." If you ever wanted evidence that most malware is walked in the front door on mobile devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones, then this is the graph for you.
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